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Depression / Anxiety

Life Transitions



Multicultural Issues

Corporate Consulting


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Dr. Irwin is a uniquely compassionate and skilled psychiatrist, interested in the mind-body connection and utilizing a creative and cooperative pathway to wellness. Each patient is viewed with an open mind to enable a non-judgmental setting for open communication. In addition to providing an expert opinion, Dr. Irwin will work with you to tailor your individual care. A careful assessment is conducted, including a full medical history. While medication can be life-saving, a holistic approach is essential to Dr. Irwin’s care of your emotional health and the development of your plan towards wellness. Along the way, hopefully you will also have greater understanding of yourself and your relationships.

Of note, Dr. Irwin has lived and travelled abroad extensively, providing a unique understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds. Dr. Irwin is also available as a corporate consultant to provide assessments and advice for management of work-related complexities. Dr. Irwin is available either as a sole provider or in compliment to psychotherapy.

Abby Irwin, San Diego Holistic Psychiatrist

Haverford College
Temple University Medical School
University of Pennsylvania, Surgical/Medical Internship
UCSD Psychiatry


5252 Balboa Avenue,  Suite 803
San Diego, CA 92117
Special Areas of Expertise:
•  Depression
•  Life Transitions
•  Men’s and Women’s Issues
•  Multicultural Issues
•  Relationships
•  Stress Management


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